I regret to inform you that we received notification that as of May 24th, 2013 Linkedin is cutting off HireSignals’ access to the Linkedin API for an apparent violation of their terms of service. As HireSignals relies on this API for highlighting candidates’ job search status while browsing linkedin we have no choice but to suspend the platform in its current form.

We started building HireSignals in early 2012 to address what we believed was a serious deficiency in the Linkedin platform – that there was no easy way for candidates to declare job search status and interests and for recruiters to spot those factors so they could time and customize their outreach appropriately. Confidentiality was built into the platform and candidates could easily block their current employers from being able to see their status.

At the time of launch (june 2013) HireSignals was fully compliant with Linkedin’s API but in October 2013 we learned that Linkedin did not embrace the platform or the implementation method (browser plugin). We therefore could not reasonably invest in developing our candidate audience without that support as there would always be the threat of them pulling their API support so we have been in slight limbo since then. The API terms and conditions changed over time and Linkedin is now officially pulling the plug on our access to that API.

We believe that HireSignals still offers a superior and more confidential job search status declaration solution to anything currently on Linkedin. Linkedin appears to be very focused on a proprietary model where recruiters pay to see the candidates and active candidates pay to be seen. The irony is that the customer experience for the rest of the candidates goes downhill – more poorly targeted and badly timed emails from recruiters armed with a spam engine (which Linkedin’s “Recruiter” product can be in the wrong hands) who can’t see job search status unless the candidate is paying for that to be displayed. But hey, I guess that is progress for a public company!

We promise to be back however with a platform that has zero dependence on platforms pursuing a proprietary path liked Linkedin. We will instead focus on where the user (candidate and recruiter) experience is prioritized and services enhancing that experience like HireSignals, are welcome. There are lots of other places where the HireSignals’s model could work – sites like Github as well as browser-accessed ATS and CRM platforms where a personal email address or twitter handle might be exposed so our plugin can recognize the candidate and flag their status and job interests. Those are a few of the areas we want to explore when we retool the platform.

User accounts will remain active but all Linkedin related data all be removed. This means that the browser plug-in will no longer work for recruiters on Linkedin. Please email me info@hiresignals.com if you have any questions.

Thanks for your support over the past year or so. We look forward to retooling and relaunching soon and welcome your feedback on what platforms we should prioritize.



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