Fred Wilson blogged today about the benefits of the one-click -to0apply function from sites like Indeed and Linkedin. You can read about it here. Fred’s blog is the first thing I read every day and his commentary is great. I am not with him on this though. My recruiting firm, Glenborn, posts our jobs feed automatically to indeed and we receive many resumes from them every day. To say  that searching through these inbound applicants for quality candidates is like searching for a needle in a haystack is an understatement. There is no doubt that applying should be that efficient for the right folks but the issue is with stopping the wrong folks from doing it without thinking.

Until someone comes up with an answer to dealing with the deluge, the best source of candidates remains (in order of preference) proactively reaching out to the people you know and trust, the referrals from those you trust and finally, cold searching on linkedin based on criteria that you, the recruiter decide matches your requirements. Inbound applicants for my firm has consistently been a case of finding a needle in a haystack- occasionally you get lucky but it isn’t likely.

The third scenario (the cold searching on linkedin and bridge it with the needs of those looking) drove a lot of the reasoning behind HireSignals as it allows the candidates that would otherwise “click to apply” have their active / passive job search status / interests seen only by recruiters on Linkedin. With this extra information recruiters get to choose those that they reach out to based on who they come across in their searches. It is just one small way to avoid the deluge from putting the power in the hands of the applicants and puts the control back in the hands of the searchers. No need to apply – with this tool, we will find you ; )


Feargall Kenny

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