I am delighted to announce that the HireSignals platform is now live and ready to use. The platform allows candidates to declare their job search status and job interests to recruiters on linkedin without compromising their confidentiality. It does this by leveraging a browser plug-in for recruiters that shows that information to them in the form of color coding and pop-up windows. Candidates can block specific domains so that certain recruiters cannot see their status (especially their current employers!).

A week ago I attended a Linkedin recruiters event in New York City. We were told that “research shows” that 20% of the folks on Linkedin are actively looking for a position, 20% are not looking for a position and 60% of the pepole  on Linkedin could be passive candidates. For recruiters though the issue has always been that you had to guess the status of potential candidates. With HireSignals the goal is to eliminate guesswork, improve recruiter and candidate efficiency alike. Candidates get more targeted emails and don’t get outreach from recruiters when they aren’t interested.

Thanks to Rob and Angela on the programming and design side respectively for doing such a great job with getting the site ready for prime-time.

Thanks also for your interest in checking out the site/service. Please sign up – remember the point of the platform is that it isn’t just for job seekers – there is potentially as much value in opting in as opting out. Come back often to check out your actively and change your job search status / interests where appropriate.


Feargall Kenny

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